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Aloha Friends.

      Please allow me to introduce my self! I am Biker Dude. In the unlikely event you don't know me, I am Hawaii's most loved and the worlds most well known, organic turmeric farmer. I have been growing organic turmeric for export to the mainland USA longer than any other farmer in the world. That's right, I am older than the dirt we grow our turmeric in!

      I know it is a little weird to visit and find Biker Dude. It is a long story but I will try to make it brief. My much younger partner Dan, has been an annual visitor to Thailand for two decades. He has made a good friend in Terry of COCO WORLD in Bangkok.  Over the years we have in engaged in a successful partnership with Terry as we import his coir(coconut fiber or coco peat) for our organic ginger seed operation,   Unlike traditional peat, coir is a sustainable resource, and we use mountains of  it, as in dozens of forty foot containers. I will get back to Thai Terry later... 

       Several years ago we almost lost our entire turmeric crop to the Pahoa lava flow.  That lava flow stopped just short of our farm. In order to spread out, in case of a similar event in the future, we bought land for a new turmeric farm in lower Puna. We thought we had made a wise decision....more later on that too...

      Considering the ever increasing demand for turmeric and the volatility of our volcano, we pondered growing a small crop of turmeric in Thailand, kind of a  just in case we eat it, back up plan.  Having already established a friend and a working relationship with Thai Terry, coupled with Terry's enthusiasm and interest  in organic farming, Dan presented the Thai turmeric plan to him and he readily agreed.  Several years ago, we sent Terry seed stock from our high curcumin Hawaiian organic red turmeric.  Under Dan's guidance during multiple Thai trips and a boat load of emails and pictures, Terry grew and multiplied his seed crop until he finally had enough to plant several acres last year.  Not only was it a lot of work starting a turmeric farm from scratch,  in addition getting organic certification and gap certified, there is a mountain of paperwork and protocol for shipping a new product from Thailand to the mainland USA. This new brand of turmeric from Thailand is called Spice Tiger. My visit to Terry's turmeric farm this year (2018) left me most impressed as it was unlike any first effort I have ever witnessed. It surpassed everything we had hoped for. I expect this crop to be just the beginning of a long partnership with Terry and I anticipate Spice Tiger will soon be a major player in the turmeric world . Our annual trips from Hawaii to Thailand, working closely with Terry, his right hand man Watt and their loyal team mates, will insure a high quality turmeric rivaling the best turmeric in the world, that of course being our own Biker Dude Hawaiian Organic Red Turmeric. Thailand is hot and dry. It takes some creative farming, irrigation and fertilization to pull off a successful crop. I will point out that Terry makes his own organic fertilizers from local crops including sesame and palm ash. an The great news is there are no major hurricanes or typhoons like plague my wife Elvira's home in the nearby Philippines. And perhaps best of all, there are no active volcanoes!

       But enough about the turmeric crop. Unlike Dan's 20 year Thai affair,  my time in Thailand only amounts to a couple of recent trips of several weeks each. But it was long enough to get a feel for the country and see why so many gringos love Thailand. Sure you can take a walk on the wild side if it suits you and the food is great, but my most favorable impression of Thailand are its people. They are a kind and gentle folk and are a real treat to work with. You can rest assured that Spice Tiger is grown and packed with love and good vibes.

       Friends, it is absolutely essential for us to have an annual, high quality organic turmeric crop to satisfy the ever increasing turmeric demand for the mainland market. Our friend, Rick Lejeune of Heath and Lejeune, in LA California, has distributed our fresh ginger and turmeric since 1993. Rick counts on us and a whole lotta folks count on him, hence our extreme efforts to not let him down. SPICE TIGER is an integral  part of our game plan to meet this challenge.

       I referenced earlier, our seemingly wise decision to spread out our crops and relocate. Well maybe that was smart but not wise as once again a new lava flow is barreling down on our current turmeric crop on our new farm. Perhaps our smartest move was the just in case we eat it, back up plan of growing turmeric in Thailand. With Madam Pele, Hawaii's volcano goddess, literally kicking our butt,  it looks like Spice Tiger just might be our ticket to guaranteeing consistently high quality organic turmeric for the mainland USA.

      This letter of endorsement and the Biker Dude seal of approval on every box is not made lightly. It is well deserved, so my congratulations to Terry, his team and the new kid on the block...SPICE TIGER!

      GO TIGERS!

      Aloha, Biker Dude, Hawaii USA

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